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Listening is an art and everybody is capable of doing it. It is the greatest thing we can do for our loved ones, acquaintances, children and to others we meet everyday and everywhere. Things will be easier if everybody listens to their inner self.

Then give the gift of Feng Shui to yourself and to others...your life will never be the same! 
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Serafina's Enlightenment Journeys provides a series of experiential classes and retreats intended to integrate the practice of Feng Shui and the theories and art of Interior Design.  These classes and retreats are designed to provide participants with the knowledge to enhance their lives.  With a limited number of participants, and a schedule that fits most everyone lives, Serafina Krupp brings to these classes and retreats the passion, clarity, enthusiasm, and knowledge within a fun and entertaining environment.
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Feng Shui "House Parties"

Invite your friends into your home for a magical time to learn Feng Shui. Throw a party and Serafina will come to your home and Feng Shui your home during the class. ($150 value/hour)  Serafina will use the Bagua Map to summon positive change into your life through the blessings of vitality, happiness, and good fortune.   What better way to manifest blessings for yourself and your friends. 

$25 per person             Host is Free
Host receives Feng Shui Gift
with 10 or more Guests 

Angel Readings, Reyad Sekh Em & Angelic Synergy Healing

Experience the guidance and healing of Angel Readings, Angelic Synergy Healing and the ancient Egyptian techniques of Reyad Sekh Em offered by the mastery of Serafina.  Empower your life to be  fulfilled with the angelic elemental healing rays of earth, air, fire, water and spirit with etheric crystalline energies plus sound vibration and sacred breathing. 

Private One Hour Healing Session......$150.00

Private Angel Reading60 minutes $150.00
30 minutes $475.00

"Create Space with your Higher Self"


$25.00 per class
$250.00 for the series pre-paid

Pre-Register to reserve your seat
Participants purchase their own Workshop Book "Angelic Feng Shui" by Serafina Krupp
Create Space
with your 
Higher Self
"Angelic Feng Shui"

​Teaching Video
Coming Soon!

Angelic Feng Shui
Certifications Classes
Starting January 2, 2021

Oh Yoga
Orange, California
Retreat for Women
Coming in Spring 2021