Reyad Sekh Em® Egyptian Healing
Reyad Sekh Em

Serafina has been taught and mentored by Joanna Bristow-Watkins who developed and trademarked Reyad Sekh Em® Egyptian Healing.  Ms. Bristow-Watkins is a practitioner, teacher and mentor in the United Kingdom.

Reyad Sekh Em® Egyptian Healing is an ultra high vibration healing system combining ancient Egyptian philosophies, angelic elemental healing rays, sound vibration, sacred breathing and etheric crystalline energies.

Sekh Em can be spelled Seichem, Seichim, SKHM and all manner of alternative ways.  This is because the Egyptian language did not contain any vowels, simply sounds.  The variation of spellings reflects the interpretations of those teaching the skills. Generally Sekh Em is considered to harness the four elemental healing rays of earth, air, fire and water.

There are many ways of facilitating psychic growth, each appealing to different personality types.  Reyad Sekh Em, Egyptian healing (similar to Reiki) using the elemental healing rays of earth, air, water, fire and spirit.  Healing sessions open a "door" leading to immediate or future psychic growth.  Initiations (also known as attunements) into Reyad Sekh Em progress the recipient on their spiritual journey which is further empowered by visiting sacred sites.  Positioned on ley-lines, these are concentrated energy hot-spots.

The Reyad Sekh Em includes a negative energy drain (negative energy being heavy stale energy, which is in the wrong place) is used on part or all of the body. A portal is used to return this energy to its own dimension. Generally, this energy drain system also releases any entities provided the host is ready to let go! This includes dissolving past life vows (such as poverty, chastity, silence, obedience) and breaking ties with past events and contacts as desired. . Part of this process may induce past life recall; anything that comes to mind will be detailed on the tape. The person being healed may experience the same and/or different past lives or have no recollection of this process .

Driven by a desire for greater inner peace, Ms. Bristow-Watkins trained in Sekh Em (Egyptian Reiki) Healing beyond Level III Mastery.  She is a practitioner and teacher of Reyad SekH Em as well as other spiritual enhancement courses. She is a member of IPTI - Independent Professional Therapists International as well as the BCMA - British Complementary Medicine Association.

Serafina brings the wisdom, training and practice of Reyad Sekh Em to the United States as part of her Enlightenment Journeys.