Angel Readings & Angelic Synergy Healing
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Angel Readings & Angelic Synergy Healing

Angel readings are done with Angel cards and tuning-in for the most pertinent message or messages at this time. The messages you need to know or acknowledge at this time to move forward.  The reading if appropriate is then ended with a meditation for further messages

The Angelic synergy healing includes grounding with the angels, the use of the violet flame, calling in the elemental angels for air, earth, fire, and water for their assistance, opening and closing the aura, basic use of sacred breathing, etheric crystal and color breathing and sound.

The healing session unfolds through synchronicity; working along the body from head to feet, scanning and adjusting energies, which may feel similar to a Reiki-type energy healing session. Angelic energies, etheric crystal breathing, vocal tones are used intuitively..