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Angelic Feng Shui Classes

Become the master of your own reality by learning to live magically every day.  Learn metaphysical insight and tools to uncover personal truths and pathways to the divine within.  Feed your spirit and soul by tapping into the multidimensional light being that you are.

Angelic Feng Shui Class

Join renowned Master Teacher, Interior Designer, and practitioner in Feng Shui, Serafina Krupp on this 10-week program that is dedicated to helping you live the life you came here to experience.  During your journey you will follow carefully crafted steps, as presented in Serafina Krupp'ss book Angelic Feng Shui, to help you uncover your authentic self.  Serafina will also help you understand how to use the elements of nature, Air, Water, Fire, Earth, adn Spirit to clear away old blockages and hear the beautifully nourishing messages from your soul.  You will also experience the magical wonders of the Feng Shui Bagua, and much more! 

Serafina has been exploring the art and science of Feng Shui since she discovered it while she was studying for a master's degree in Interior Design.  Her mission is to empower men and women to create the spaces they want to live and work in and to create enlightened changes in their lives. Through the practice and teachings of Feng Shui, Serafina brings balance to the mind, body and spirit within the interior spaces of the world around us. 

Today, Serafina brings forth the practice of Feng Shui and Interior Design at an understandable level with the teachings, passion and sacredness of the cultures of the past and the sophistication, maturity, and needs of her clients and students in today's modern world. Her passion is to effect positive changes in one's lifestyle, surroundings, relationships and financial returns. [learn more]

"Architecture is defined by space and what we put in that space determines how we live and what we become...".   

Frank Lloyd Wright
Angelic Feng Shui Classes

10 - Class Course
Feng Shui or Angel Workshops

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Angel Workshop Zoom $25.00 per class
Angel Workshop In-Person $40.00 per class

10-Day Class Course Feng Shui $250.00
All materials, except Serafina's book "Create Space with your Higher Self" are included

Call for Enrollment - Spaces are limited

Call (714) 315-4748