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Feng Shui Consultation

Feng Shui consultation is a process of observing and evaluating the space from the perspective of the Bagua, which leads to the movement of the physical objects of the space and/or the decoration or redecoration of the home or office to create a vibrant feeling of joy and harmony.  Feng Shui decorating does not necessarily mean creating a Zen-type space.  Rather, Feng Shui consultation and decorating is intended to create an environment that has the best energy to support the specific activity or activities intended for that space.
Feng Shui DVD for Purchase

Serafina has produced a one-hour DVD presentation entitled "Feng Shui Your Home and Live Your Dream", and which includes a a 10-minute meditation practice.  The DVD introduces the teachings of Feng Shui and the use of the Bagua Map (for the placement of enhancements that affect the different areas in your life).  It also explains how powerful it is when one chooses the environment we want in our lives, reveals the areas and treatments that change our health, wealth and relationships, shows how obstacles fall away and powerful changes occur and blessings manifest, and illustrates how we are unaware and how to make positive changes in our lives

The DVD's are available at:
  • Awakenings - Laguna Niguel, California
  • Visions and Dreams - Newport Beach, California
  • Crystal Cave - Costa Mesa, California
  • Four Crows - Old Tustin, California
  • www.thebutterflygift.com

Today's busy life rarely gives us the opportunity to simplify our surroundings.  Sometimes this leads to hoarding.  Are you frustrated in not being able to find things when you need them?  Are you embarrassed of your home when guests come around?  Are you worried about throwing things out, in case you need them again?  Are you unhappy with the lack of space in your home?  These are the typical questions asked.

In Feng Shui, the bigger question is "Have you created chaos in spaces where the energy of the spaces prevents you from getting want you want in your life... happiness, prosperity and well-being.

Serafina's definition of clutter is anything you own, possess, or do that does not enhance your life and surroundings on a regular basis.  Clutter goes far beyond the physical environment.  It extends to relationships, and emotional and spiritual levels.

De-cluttering services are offered to address the chaos of one room or many rooms.  From a place of de-clutter, the practice of Feng Shui and the creativity of Interior Design brings a new and refreshing perspective of the future leading to a place of serenity.
Interior Design

Interior Design when combined with Feng Shui and De-Cluttering can be a powerful step towards a life changing journey.  In addition, to space planning and design, Serafina provides services to maximize the implementation of the design concepts.  These services are provided at various levels of consultation, including in-home and in-office consultation, design studio escorting and furnishings purchases.