Serafina Krupp is a renowned Feng Shui Master and Interior Designer empowering men and women to creating the space they want to live in and to becoming conscious and aware of enlightened changes in their lives.

Through the practice and teachings of Angelic Feng Shui, Serafina brings balance to the mind, body and spirit within the interior spaces of the world around us.  Utilizing her techniques of Angelic Synergy Healing and Reyad Sekh Em Egyptian Healing, Serafina offers clarity to those who step into the world of enlightenment .
Change Your Life...
Serafina Krupp provides valuable steps on ones journey through...

- Feng Shui
- Angel Readings
- Angelic Synergy Healing
- Reyad Sekh Em® Egyptian Healing
- Interior Design
- Classes,Workshops and Trainings
- Rejuvenating Retreats for Women
- Personal Coaching
- Private Consultations
- De-cluttering
- Feng Shui "House Parties"
Serafina is a contributing writer to
Zodi Habit Magazine.
Read her views on life from the vantage of Angelic Feng Shui
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Design is the conscious effort to impose a meaningful order...Victor Papanek

For more than 35 years, Serafina Krupp has helped thousands of people improve their lives by transforming energies of their personal bodies and minds, and their houses, businesses and workplaces.
She currently lives in Southern California, regularly teaching classes and inspiring her students and clients.  Her passion focuses on teaching Feng Shui and Interior Design and which has shown up in her many successes in the homes, businesses, and personal lives of her students and clients.  She has taken the practical side of Feng Shui and Interior Design and developed a technique and practice of Angelic Synergy Healing in conjunction with Reyad Sekh Em Egyptian Healing, bringing together physical and spiritual life paths and journeys.
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