"Congratulations, Serafina on this huge accomplishment and beautiful website!  I will definitely pass this info along to family and friends, as I found the Feng Shui workshop that I took over the summer to be a truly amazing experience and one that I cannot thank you enough for as it really did change my life!"  

Jennifer Carson
Newport Beach, California

“I have hated my living room for the last six years we've lived in this house.  Serafina was able to transform the space through arrangement and color.  Now, I love to just sit in the living room because I feel so peaceful and good there."

Holly Kruger
Campbell Real Estate
Huntington Beach, California 

“Thank you Serafina for the magic you sprinkled on my home and myself.  You worked wonders on my home and brought your  magic to the Abundance Retreat for Women once again.  Bless you for your skills and talents."

Dr. Carol Most
Newport Beach, California 

"Thank you so much for this retreat.  I really needed to find my Queen and you opened the door for me."

Loree Glenn
Mission Viejo, California 
What Serafina's Clients Say About Her...

Close your eyes 
Focus in the splendor of your mind
No matter where you are 
Just leave your troubles behind.

It can be as beautiful as stars
Sparkling like diamonds in the sky
Look, See the black velvet cloak behind them
As they glitter flying high

Imagine the ocean blue 
With many splendor cities within 
The world of Neptune 
King of the sea
The Royal splendor of a king

Look close at your own garden 
Now close your eyes and see 
See the fairies 
In colors of pink white and blue
See how the beauty of them shines through

See the beauty of royalty 
Such amazing flowers in your mind you'll see
Smile, you'll see the beauty and more
Use your imagination
Like you have never done before
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